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Note: All events listed as TBA until confirmed, this list will change up until the convention begins.

Dungeons & Dragons

War Duke Press

Various GMS
War Duke Press is formally known as Greyhawk Reborn, please note signing up through their Warhorn page for events does not register for an event badge.

Boardgame Open Demos

Open Demos when available during the event!
GM Tricia Renzi Grow

Steve Jackson Games

Saturday 18 January 2020
GM Ryan Dursham
Demo Schedule:

Players choice of these Tiny Epic's: Quest, Mechs or Tactics

Saturday January 2020, 10:00AM-Noon
GM Nathan Mott
Players choice between:

Imperial Settlers W/ Atlanteans

Star Fleet Universe

Multiple Games and Demos as available
GM Paul Franz

Saturday January 18th

Sunday January 19th

Brass Birmingham


GM John Wesley Kanost, Jr.

Saturday, January 18th 2020

Sunday, January 19th 2020